The Sentry I Open-Air Systems combine an adjustable air-draw venturi with the Sentry Dry Pellet Chlorinator. The combination of aeration and chlorination creates a powerful oxidizer and sanitizer. The Sentry I Open-Air System will treat: Iron, Iron Bacteria, Sulfur, Sulfate Reducing Bacteria, Black Manganese, Algae, Tannins,  Arsenic, Methane Gas, Radon Gas, Low Yielding Wells and low pH. The Sentry I Open-Air System increases your water quality. An increase in water quality reduce your maintenance cost on all appliances that utilize water. Ice makers, dishwashers, washers, water heaters and every faucet in the house are affected by water Quality! By using the Sentry I Open-Air System to oxidize iron for sprinkler systems, it will reduce up to 85% of the iron staining and will reduce troublesome sprinkler head clogs.

In addition to providing clean water to your household the Sentry I Open-Air Systems are flexible in design so that it may adapt to your specific water needs. We offer an Air Stripping System that will Radon, H2S, CO2 and VOC'S. If your concern is Methane our Sentry I Gas Reduction System is an ideal fit. The products we offer as well as the knowledge we off is second to none within the industry. We strive to protect not only your private well system but, more importantly your family. With any of our Sentry Systems you can trust that your water concerns are now just a memory.

Please consult your local dealer for best application and treatment options. All systems require professional installation for warranty.